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Which Kpop Company Pays the Most?

If you’re wondering which kpop company pays the most, you’re not alone. While idols tend to have big paychecks, their staff don’t. Some companies treat their employees like second-class citizens and pay very little attention to their welfare. BTS, one of the most popular boy groups, makes $10.4 million a year through concerts, making it one of the best-paid K-pop groups. They have also toured overseas, most recently in Japan.

K-POP entertainment companies pay their artists on a percentage-based basis. Big Hit, SME, and Pledis each pay their artists approximately 5% of sales. However, they used to divide this amount among group members. Concerts, adverts, and solo activities are paid at higher percentages. Big Hit is the highest-paid K-POP company, followed by YG and JYP. Artists are required to pay upfront costs for promotional activities, but they are compensated with a higher percentage.

SM Entertainment, YG, and JYP are among the top three K-pop companies, and their artists have the highest salaries. The biggest K-pop companies pay the most, but not everyone can make that much money. It is important to note that salaries of K-pop artists are based on how the company treats its artists and how well they contribute to their company. While SM pays the most, non-Korean artists are unlikely to earn the same amount as their Korean counterparts.

The vast majority of K-pop groups don’t get rich, and most don’t even reach the top. Despite this, some K-groups have made significant amounts of money and continue to do so. However, the vast majority of K-pop groups have a short shelf-life and can only be profitable once their third album is released. By contrast, big Kpop groups can negotiate with their labels to avoid trainee debt and make sure their artists don’t have to pay it.

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