3 Key Features of Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are mainly made to protect dry feet, prevent injuries, and increase blood flow. They are a crucial component in taking care of your foot if you have diabetes. Increased blood glucose levels can cause damage to the nervous and circulatory systems. Diabetic neuropathy can cause pain and numbness in the legs, especially the soles, which increases the chance of injury.

There are unicolor and there are colorful diabetic socks, both can assure that your feet will receive optimum care. In addition, these socks can also prevent you from getting any potentially dangerous infection. But if you are still wondering about its key features and why you should be using them, here are a few reasons to try them.

Unrestricted Calf

Typical socks would fit around your calves so tight they can cause sock marks or restrict blood flow. Having restricted blood flow could be harmful to you. People with diabetes should constantly have improved blood flow. Wearing diabetic socks will help improve blood flow in your feet. It would not keep sliding down your feet, offering a proper fit around the calf, which would reduce sock marks that cause irritation and swelling.

Seamless On The Toe, Padded On The Bottom

Usual socks could increase the risk of damaging your feet’s nerves and blood vessels, leading to the minor sensation you might feel in your toes or overall feet. If you have high blood sugars and sweaty feet after wearing shoes most of the day, you can get yourself blisters or minor cuts and unknowingly expose yourself to dangerous infections.

That is why you should choose to wear diabetic socks that offer a seamless design on the toes. It reduces your risk of getting blisters or ulcers.

It also offers additional toe-to-heel padding that improves shock absorption, which allows you to go on with your daily activities without feeling pain in your feet. You would not worry about stubbing your toe or heel on the corner of tables and cabinets because these socks would keep your feet safe and protected all day.

Odor Resistant & Antimicrobial

You know how smelly socks get after wearing them the entire day. It would smell nasty and make your feet wet because of the sweat. While sweating is entirely normal, the continued wetness from your feet prevents minor cuts from healing, which can open a way for infections.

When you wear diabetic socks, their antimicrobial properties will keep your feet dry and bacteria-free, which reduces the risk of infection while allowing your feet to breathe. After all, getting your sweat all over your socks can be uncomfortable, and that is why you should opt for diabetic socks. These socks would keep your feet dry even if you wear them the entire day. They would also protect you by not allowing bacteria to live on your feet.


These socks can be worn daily and last up to six months with proper care. If you have frequent sweaty feet or a decreased pedal pulse and have experienced nerve damage, blisters, fungal infection, you should consider buying these socks. But if you do not want to wear regular monotonous socks, you can get colorful diabetic socks. The designs are practically limitless, but you should look at their advantages. What’s a better way to spend on socks that would solve all your problems relating to diabetes.

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