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Things you need to consider before buying bathroom faucets

 Despite their importance, bathroom faucets are rarely given the same care and consideration as other bathroom fixtures. When you think about your bathroom tapware, you’ll find more to them than what meets the eye. The faucets in your bathroom will get the most use than any other fixture, so it’s crucial to get them correctly the first time.

Think about what you require.

First, you should give some thought to what you require. It will depend mainly on the people using them and how often. Do you plan on installing these taps in a double bathroom? A washroom for the whole family, kids included? One shared bathroom for visitors?

When you know and understand who and how many people will be using the toilet in question, you will have a good idea of which variety will be the most practical and acceptable. People of varying ages and backgrounds will have varying demands and requirements.

One that complements the design of your bathroom

Aesthetics are just as vital as function when designing a building. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of the basin, neglecting the bigger expotab picture.

However, when you step into a bathroom, you see the space as a whole, and the bathroom tapware is only one element. Therefore, it’s essential to stand back and envision your taps as part of the bigger picture of your bathroom. You will be surprised by how many options there are for looks, but the more time you spend visualising, your final choice will be more apparent.

Variables such as water pressure, water consumption, and other variables

It’s essential to keep in mind a few other details, too. Each may appear inconsequential, but when added up, they become crucial.

Water conservation should also be considered. New Zealand has a system called WELS, which stands for Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme. This is a country-wide comparison grading system based on a star system that is the same everywhere in the country. It might affect your decisions, especially considering how water prices affect the natural world.

Innumerable varieties of taps

There is a wide variety of tapware for the bathroom. The ones given below are the most common types:

Basin mixers with a single hole for the tap

For various reasons, traditional 1-hole mixers are always a safe bet. Since they only need a single hole, they’re a breeze to set up. They also need less space, which is helpful in tight quarters like the restroom in a studio apartment. Since there is just one handle to manipulate, they are often simpler to operate.

Sink Faucet with Two Holes

The 2-hole basin faucet is no longer the norm, but it has a fan base because of its low price and ease of installation. Turn the handle to make the water hot or cold. Moreover, they are often compact fixtures, so they won’t take up a lot of space and work well in private loos.

Vanity Faucet with Three Holes

The three-hole basin mixer is a standard fixture in private and public restrooms. The dual-handle design of these faucets makes it easier to regulate the water’s temperature and flow, a significant selling point for many consumers. To instal them, you’ll need to make three holes in your wall, which may seem like a lot but should be no problem for a competent bathroom expert.

Fixtures for mixing water in washbasins that attach to walls

After installation, wall-mounted basin mixers have the added benefit of reducing clutter and freeing up floor space around the sink. Single or twin faucets in various attractive designs can be installed. The main drawback is that it might be challenging to set up because of the plumbing being installed behind the wall.

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