The Tips and Tricks for Promoting your Sustainable Products Store

If there’s anything that’s a marker of the 21st Century, it’s got to be the increased level of awareness that people possess about the environment. From making seemingly minor switches such as using metal straws in an attempt to save and protect marine life to ditching certain products and lifestyle choices – such as private transport and NFTs – in a bid to reduce carbon footprint, the environment, and our impact on it, is woven into our daily lives. 

And not only have people tried to bring about environmentally-aligned positive changes in their everyday routines themselves, but many have found booming business opportunities within the sustainable lifestyle sector. From sustainable products to conscious consumption, new businesses are popping up every day, and marketing them is a task in and of itself!

So, if you’re running a sustainable products business then here are 4 ways that you can promote it – effectively!

  • Email Campaigns for the Win!

Everybody loves checking their email and some of the biggest brands out there have often used the email medium to promote their final products, creating campaign after campaign using customizable email templates. And when it comes to your sustainable products, you can do the same!

You can create and send out email campaigns advertising the various products that you have to offer and any discounts or deals that you’re providing on them. And if you’re worried about the design aspect, then PosterMyWall has got you covered with their range of attractive and fully customizable email templates!

Simply select a template you like, edit it to your preferences, and apply and send it out to your customer base – just be prepared to wow them with your content and build more loyal customers than ever before! And the best part? It’s all for free.

  • Get Instagram Savvy

Arguably, there’s a demographic lean toward the younger generation when it comes to consumers of sustainable products. While all kinds of people make up the segment, it’s no secret that the majority of them are lower down on the age timeline, so it makes sense to target them where they most spend time – social media! 

And of course, when we’re talking about social media and marketing, there’s no better platform than Instagram! Practically the hub of online marketing and promotion, Instagram is the perfect place to advertise your sustainable products and build a whole new consumer base that’s loyal and interested. 

While there’s a lot that you can do on Instagram, an effective strategy that is bound to create virality for your sustainable products is to start a #hashtag challenge. This could include anything from users sharing why they made the move to sustainable living – #whyichoosesustainable – to even using endangered animals and habitats and showcasing them as the beneficiaries of your sustainable products – #sharetheearth. Remember, #hashtags for good causes combined with a fun challenge get tons of traction – we have the #icebucketchallenge to look to as an example! 

  • Don’t Shy Away from Influencers

Speaking of Instagram, there’s another coveted marketing technique that the platform birthed and which has now spread to other avenues of social media: influencer marketing and partnerships. Not only do influencers have the ability to determine the spending habits of millions of people online, but they’re also a great way to get your product directly on the news feeds and pages of thousands of people without direct marketing. 

When selecting an influencer for partnerships, be sure to choose those that have a follower base that matches your target customer personas. Doing so will result in higher conversion rates and an overall successful influencer campaign. Of course, you could choose to carry out a variety of influencer partnerships such as joint posts, product reviews, discounts for the influencer’s followers, or even a visit to your store or production unit where the influencer takes their followers behind the scenes!

And if you’re doubting the effectiveness of an influencer campaign, just look to other giants that executed ones perfectly. Dunkin’ Donuts and Charli D’Amelio, for instance, made waves with their partnership where the donut-and-coffee chain even released a signature drink in the rising TikToker’s name and saw sales soar! Remember, the trick in a successful influencer campaign is to personalize it – the more you fuse the influencer with your brand, the higher engagement and conversion will be.

  • Video Content is a Must!

It’s no surprise that people tend to believe what they see, and for your potential customers to fall in love with your sustainable products, they need to visualize the items fully. And investing in video content is the way to go!

Make short explainer videos about the benefits of your products, behind-the-scenes shorts of the production process, or even short adverts targeting consumers, and put these up on your social media pages. And if video production isn’t your strong suit, then don’t shy away from hiring a professional – the results will be well worth it!

So, if you’re looking to promote your sustainable products, then these marketing tips are all you need. Just be sure to bring your own creative flair and to represent your brand image in whatever you do – the customers will keep piling!

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