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How to Stop Alexa From Listening to Your Conversations

To stop Alexa from listening to your conversations, you can turn off the microphone on your Echo device. This method does not force Alexa to reboot. However, it is useful if you want to keep your conversations private or if you often have visitors come over to talk to you. Moreover, it is temporary. If you feel that your conversation is leaking into the internet, you can use another method to silence Alexa.

First, you can try to disable Follow-up Mode, which records more audio than the default setting. This mode allows you to give a series of commands without using the wake word, while Alexa listens to any audio within its hearing range. If you use the Follow-up mode, you can turn off the microphone feature on your Echo and still use the device. Moreover, you can turn off the microphones on your Echo by removing the device’s battery.

While the default setting will stop Amazon Alexa from listening to your conversations, some people are not comfortable with that option. Moreover, Alexa has its own employees who listen to what you say to prevent unwanted interruptions. As such, it’s best to keep your conversation private, or else it will disturb your partner or children. To avoid the hassles associated with listening to Alexa, try disabling it manually.

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