Five types of pool enclosures

Swimming is a fun activity that keeps people fit and healthy. Swimming is easy on the joints, burns calories, and builds endurance and muscle strength. Swimming pools are a great attraction in summer because swimming cools and refreshes the body. Today most people have a pool in their backyard because it creates an opportunity for families to do an activity that everyone loves and enjoys. Pool enclosures provide a sheltered interior environment, and it is like having a paradise in the backyard. The enclosure offers shade in the summer and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. It ensures that people can continue to have fun on days when the weather is less desirable.

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Types of pool enclosures

Gable roof design

The gorgeous gable roof design is also known as an A-frame enclosure. It has two sloping sides that form a triangle and a peak on the top. It is a standalone structure that is suitable for pools that are in the corner of the backyard.


Mansard roof enclosure is the most popular type of roof enclosure. The roof is flat and slopes gently, and tapers into the panels. It is a simple, strong, and flattering design that suits any place, and it provides a roomy atmosphere to the pool.


The dome-shaped roof is the standard roof style of all pool enclosures. In this enclosure, the dome roof makes a semicircular arch, and the sloping sides make it appear like a vast space. The enclosure is stable and withstands storms and winds wrinky, and it provides a majestic atmosphere to the pool area.


The hip roof is similar to the Mansard, but it does not have a level midsection. The four sides of the roof peak in the middle at a certain angle. It allows the dirt and snow to slide down and provides good wind resistance in the event of a storm. It creates an illusion of a tall roof.

Shed roof

The Shed roof is very economical and makes the pool look stunning. It is a main roof extension of the house, and it is for swimming pools that are attached to the house. The main roof supports the roof of the swimming pool.

Benefits of pool enclosures

More shade

Pool enclosures allow sunlight in but provide more shade to make the heat bearable and reduce the damage caused by the harmful UV rays. Protecting the pool from the sun extends the life of chlorine added to the pool water.

Leaves and debris

Leaves, flowers, grass, and debris fall into the pool water and give a messy appearance to the pool. Enclosures keep the dirt and debris off the pool by blocking them and helping in maintaining the pool.

Bugs and rodents

Cleaning a pool is a challenging task. Beetles, wasps, bees, spiders, frogs, lizards, mosquitoes, and water bugs can enter the pool. An enclosed pool keeps all the pests and rodents away, and it helps people relax in the pool without worrying about these intruders.

Easy cleaning

Enclosures keep the dust, debris, and pests out of the pool. It makes cleaning the pool an easy process. Also, the pool water remains cleaner, and the chemicals used to clean the pool are reduced. It benefits the environment and saves money.

Increases the value of a home

A pool enclosure with an attractive design enhances the property’s value and makes the place look more beautiful. A pool with an enclosure is a definite advantage when the house is sold.

Most pool enclosures are custom designed to complement the house and make it look great. An enclosed pool requires less maintenance and leaves many happy memories in the hearts of the family members.

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