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TV remained a source of entertainment for people of every age group and no one hates it since its inception. TV was a source of family gatherings in the 20th century, where all family members use to sit around a single TV set and watch popular shows together. Technological advancement and innovation demanded new ways to keep TV popular. As of now, there are around 6.6 billion people are using smartphones and their smartphones are their TV. So, the cable services like Cox Contour invented a new way as Cox Contour TV App to keep people attracted to their services.

How TV Applications are in the Ruling?

Smartphones have become part of our life, according to a study, we spend an average of 4 hours using a smartphone. This creates a big opportunity for streaming applications to attract users. A famous application like Netflix has around 220 million paid subscriptions around the world. As an OTT (Over-the-top) it has interested a massive audience, creating a void in conventional media platforms, where people can watch their favorite with just a touch. Thus, this created the need to innovate TV applications like Cox Contour TV App.

How Conventional Platforms Like DTH can Compete with OTT?

The plethora of watching new content has created many challenges for DTH operators. As Covid-19 spread across the globe people stayed at home the most and this affected their watching habits. The OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ grabbed the attention of viewers.

DTH operators need to innovate solutions with the widest content and digital options to keep people signed up with the DTH. This includes the DTH operator providing DISH Channel Guide that users can choose from a variety of entertainment channels that can be watched on any device including local news, local programming, and on-demand content.

What TV Bundles are Available for viewers?

There are various service providers like Cox Contour that give promotions and bundles that can be used by the entire household. These bundles include where you can enjoy various TV channels along with TV applications and fast internet.

For instance, you can get 75+ channels, a Cox TV app, and 1.5 TB of data for just $102.99. These kinds of offers provide easy access to digital consumers providing all services under one umbrella.

Lucrative Offers in Satellite TV Entertainment?

Many DTH operators give offers to their consumers. But DISH TV provides an optimum experience to its consumers. It has services all across the US, from coast-to-coast. You can easily access affordable satellite entertainment with the DISH Channel Guide which gives you complete entertainment without compromising quality and variety.

DISH TV gives packages that everyone can enjoy which you can learn by browsing the DISH channel guide. The guide lists various channels available on four DISH packages. You can find your favorite sports channels, kids’ TV programs, and many more.

Few Pros and Cons of DTH and OTT Platforms.

  • Talking about DTH first it provides 99.99% signal reliability and is highly stable based on strong satellite and fiber networks.
  • It offers a great geographical reach and is easy to scale but cost-efficient.
  • It does not provide personalization and audience analytics for monetization purposes which mean there are no options for multi-screen viewing.


  • The OTT platforms provide consumption data and analytics based on user preferences. That allows you to manage and complement targeted advertising.
  • One of the pros of this platform is that like DTH is time-consuming in terms of installation, it only takes a few minutes to subscription sign up and you can launch TV channels quickly.
  • But OTT platforms are costly and hard to scale and there is a possibility that they can be affected by peak time usage due to network congestion.

To sum up,

the need for innovation will be the present event after the OTT platforms. Technological advancements made by humans are changing their habits. These habits include every sector of life. If all the conventional resources and systems want to survive in today’s century they have to evolve according to the environment as everything in this world has to suffer change. Evolution keeps innovations alive.

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