What are the Common Reasons for the Denial of Workers’ Compensation Claim in Rutland?

Workers’ compensation insurance is a form of insurance coverage that provides wage replacement, medical, and disability benefits to employees who are injured at work or develop an illness in the course of their employment.

In recent years, more and more workers have been denied compensation. There are many reasons why workers’ compensation can be denied. If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, then it would be better to make the next movements with the assistance of a Rutland VT Workers Compensation Lawyer. A lawyer can assist you in overcoming all the obstacles that can prevent you from collecting benefits.

Let us now see into some common reasons for which workers’ compensation claims are usually denied.

  • The injury did not occur at work

In order to get workers’ compensation, it must be proven that the injury was caused by work activities. It is easy to deny if the injury is not related to work activities. Other reasons for denial of workers’ compensation claims are if it is proven that the injury, illness, or death was unrelated to the job activities performed. This can be

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  • The injury was idiopathic

In workers’ compensation law, it is generally accepted that injuries that have unknown causes are considered idiopathic. Such injuries will not be granted because it is difficult to establish a connection between the injury and the workplace. You should know that workers’ compensation is always denied when the cause of the injury is unknown. This is a challenge that most workers’ compensation lawyers face on a daily basis in this field.

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  • The worker was intoxicated

It is a common mistake to assume that workers that are intoxicated at work are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In such cases, the duty of the employer is to provide safe working conditions for them. If they are intoxicated, then they are at fault. They will not be allowed to claim benefits. You can make your workers’ compensation claim by meeting with Rutland VT lawyers.

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  • The worker was engaged in horseplay

In cases workers were engaged in horseplay, it is unclear what role they played in the occurrence of their injuries. They will not get paid for such injuries because it is difficult to determine who deserved the accident. You can make the next movements with the assistance of a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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