How to Avoid a Debt Collector- Use Your Rights

A debt collector can be an agency that has been hired by the lending company to recover debts from customers.  If you are unable to pay off your debts such as credit card bills and loans, you can expect these calls at odd hours. Many a time, you might be busy in your meeting and your phone is ringing consistently. It will leave you frustrated and embarrassed. To deal with such a scenario, you can also contact Zero Debt Law Firm, which can also sue the debt collectors.

How to avoid getting calls from debt collectors

It might be their job to call customers and obtain the pending payment. However, you can find several ways to avoid their calls. Some of them are discussed below:

Don’t make any statement

When they call you, they are actually trying to get the payments. You should not yell at them and control your emotions while attending to their calls. It is a good idea to speak with them instead of ignoring or cutting their calls. However, you should not make any statement unless you are sure about it. For instance, you should not commit to paying the debt in the next week if you are not sure about it.

Get details of your debts

It is strongly recommended to know whether the debt is yours. You should verify the details of the debt such as the name of the lender, the amount to be paid and monthly installments. This way, you can clarify any doubts you have and speak to him in a better manner. If you find something unfair and unfamiliar, you should contact your lender immediately.

Know your rights as a consumer

It is not a good idea to get scared every time a debt collector calls you. You should be aware of your legal rights as a consumer. He cannot threaten you, use abusive language or harass you by calling at odd hours. As per laws, he can only call you between 8 AM to 9 PM. In case, you feel harassed and humiliated, you can seek legal assistance.

Negotiate with debt collectors

If you are able to arrange some cash, you can negotiate with them. If you are ready to pay them a lump sum amount, the chances of getting no calls from them are higher. 

You should contact an attorney if you believe that you are unable to handle debt collectors. He will be able to assist you better. 

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